Shipping in Arctic Waters Project (2009-2010)

CHNL sponsored the knowledge and research mapping study “Shipping in Arctic Waters” in cooperation with the independent research organisation Ocean Futures and Innovation Norway.
CHNL’s Shipping in Arctic Waters Project was an update and continuation of the comprehensive International Northern Sea Route Programme, INSROP, 1993-1999 project, describing the situation and state of knowledge today. The purpose of the project was to present a comparative, practically oriented, holistic and cross-disciplinary study of the different Arctic sea routes in order to form the basis of the knowledge hub, described under deliverable 2, the ARCTIS project. The study provided the best current overview in English on Arctic shipping and infrastructure; environmental challenges and other operating conditions in the Arctic; detailed comparison of the Northeast, Northwest and Polar Passages; among other topics. A number of seminars and meetings took place during the project’s time period. The results were made available in a report of 330 pages in May 2010. Updated version of the report was published in 2013 by Springer-Verlag (also as an e-book) with the same title.

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