Conferences & Workshops

CHNL takes part in a number of networking activities and knowledge sharing events. In particular, CHNL puts emphasis on bringing relevant Russian, Norwegian, and international companies and organizations together to discuss what changes needs to take place to accelerate commercial shipping along the NEP/NSR as a predictable and reliable trade route and alternative to the common Suez/Cape/Panama Routes. 

CHNL also gives a large number of presentations at conferences and workshops in Norway and abroad at events organized by other organizations, and has increasingly been given a central role in many of these events and asked to deliver keynote addresses. Some of the main events in 2012-2013 included the following:

Annual Arctic Shipping Forum 2012 and 2013 in Helsinki; 

Annual Arctic Shipping North America Conference 2012, St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada;

Arctic Frontiers Conferences 2012 and 2013, Tromsø;

IPY 2012 Conference in Montreal, Canada;

Harsh Weather Summit 2012, Hague, Netherlands;

Arctic Marine Logistics & Infrastructure Forum 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands;

Arctic Dialogue 2013, University of Nordland, Bodø;

IISS Forum for Arctic Climate Change and Security 2013, Stockholm, Sweden;

Barents Industrial Partnership Meeting of the Barents EU-Arctic Region 2013, Tromsø;

2013 North Pacific Arctic Conference (NPAC), Hawaii, USA;

2013 Int. Seminar on Sound and Sustainable Use of the NSR, Tokyo and Sapporo, Japan;

IISS Global Strategic Review Conference 2013, Stockholm, Sweden;

2013 KorMarine Conference, Busan, South-Korea.

CHNL: Postboks 107. 9915 Kirkenes / Radhusgata 8, N-9915 KIRKENES / PH: ++47 916 29 170 / E-mail:
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