CHNL provides access to up-to-date information on transport and logistics in the Arctic and contributes to the development of more efficient and sustainable infrastructure and logistics solutions for developing Arctic resources without harmful effects to the fragile Arctic environment - with a particular focus on the North East Passage/Northern Sea Route (NEP/NSR). Shipping companies need access to the best available information to make informed decisions about their future business activities in the Arctic and transport along Arctic sea routes. CHNL promotes strong collaboration across borders between businesses, academic institutions and public authorities on all maritime issues related to the Arctic.

CHNL provides information to the general public through two additional websites -  the NSR Information Office website and the ARCTIS  (Arctic Resources & Transportation Information System) website.

CHNL also distributes flyers and brochures about CHNLís goals and objectives as well as about ARCTIS and NSR IO activities and services.