About Us

Mr. Felix Tschudi, Tschudi Shipping Company
Chairman of the CHNL’s Board of Directors




New logistics systems and solutions are required to develop offshore oil and gas fields located in areas characterized by harsh climate, long distances and lack of infrastructure. Same applies for development of commercial shipping along future Arctic trade routes between markets in Europe or the East Coast of North-America and the Far East.

Relevant risk management systems need to be in place in order to develop sustainable and efficient logistical solutions in the High North. Critical information about operational conditions in the Arctic and investment in the necessary infrastructure to provide safety, route reliability, and environmental protection are just some of the prerequisites.

The High North possesses many kinds of natural resources, some of them in vast quantities which have become a source of international attention and demand. The key to unlocking their potential is environmentally and economically sustainable logistics solutions.

We have established the Centre for High North Logistics in order to create an international knowledge hub on Arctic transport and logistics for businesses, research institutions and public authorities alike. CHNL will provide you with up-to-date and relevant information on all aspects of Arctic shipping, arrange workshops to discuss and develop project ideas, followed by case studies, simulations, or actual demonstration projects. We hope you will join and build this knowledge network together with us, and be part of our team of experts in finding the right transport and logistics solutions for the Arctic. 

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