The International Gateway to Relevant Knowledge about Logistics in the High North

Would you like to develop your knowledge, expand your international network and take part in the business opportunities in the High North?

Would you like to meet and discuss with companies, research institutes and politicians and to participate in workshops where you can develop practical knowledge and expand your network?

Then you should join CHNL "The international gateway to relevant knowledge about logistics in the High North".

In the focus

CHNL's Projects
CHNL was involved in a demonstration project to ship iron ore from Norway to China via the NSR in September 2010. This was the outcome of a workshop i...
The ARCTIS Database
The Centre for High North Logistics is currently working on establishing an online database - a knowledge hub that will provide the best available inf...
The NSR Information Office is owned and operated by the Centre for High North Logistics (CHNL). The office was established as a joint initiative i...
Arctic Logistics & Transport
The resources are in the Arctic but the growing market is in the Far East. In order to access the offshore oil, gas and mineral deposits, the harsh cl...
Conferences & Workshops
CHNL’s International Conference in Murmansk on the 14 February 2012 on Transit Navigation on the Northern Sea Route (NSR) attended by about 100 partic...
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