Main conferences and workshops attended by CHNL in 2012. CHNL’s presentations are indicated:

1. “Information Requirements for Ships Operating in Ice” workshop at the University of Tromsø, January 25, 2012; organized by Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) and Met.no as part of the Arctic Frontiers Conference 2012.

2. “Territorial Practices” workshop at the University of Tromsø, January 26, 2012; organized by the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape of Oslo School of Architecture & Design (AHO) as part of the Arctic Frontiers Conference 2012. CHNL’s Presentation“Marine Transport Infrastructure Challenges in the Arctic”.

3. “Visionary Arctic 2012: Peace-builders, Polluters, Pirates and Patriots”, the Barents Spektakel 2012 Seminar at the Thon Hotel Kirkenes, Norway, February 10, 2012;organized by Pikene på Broen and Barents Institute of the University of Tromsø. CHNL’s Presentation“The Northern Sea Route: Freighters, Icebreakers & Arctic Shuttles”.

4. CHNL’s Conference“First International Conference on Transit Navigation on the Northern Sea Route (NSR)” at the Poliarne Zori Park Inn Hotel in Murmansk, Russia, February 14, 2012.

5. “Mapping the Barents Sea: Territorial Constitution for the Barents Sea” at the Thon Hotel in Kirkenes, Norway, February 21, 2012; symposium organized by LABA/Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). The constitution is a road-map aimed at long-term sustainable development, objective is to stimulate discussions on exactly where and what would make sense for MSc degree students from Switzerland and Norway to develop as architectural projects in the following semesters. CHNL’s Presentation“The Northeast Passage/NSR: Needed Infrastructure and Transhipment Hubs”.

6. CHNL’s Half-Day Seminar: “Logistics and Voyage Planning on the Northern Sea Route - An Examination of the Practical Challenges for Users of the NSR as a Shipping Route”; a post-conference seminar on April 27 at the at the 8th Annual Arctic Shipping Forum, Congress Paasitorni in Helsinki, Finland, April 24-26, 2012. CHNL’s seminar addressed the need for understanding the requirements for putting transit voyages into practice. Representatives of CHNL and commercial shipping, logistics and insurance companies provided presentations on shipping on the NSR , including: What are the requirements for planning such a voyage? How do the Russian regulations impact on planning?

7. The IPY 2012 Conference “From Knowledge to Action” in Montreal, Canada, April 22-27, 2012; international conference attended by over 2,000 participants. Two presentations by CHNL, the first on Thursday 26th of April on the center stage of the Exhibition Hall and the second during the session “Polar Science Goes Digital” on Friday morning the 27th of April. CHNL’s Presentations: “ARCTIS - Arctic Resources & Transportation Information System”.

8. “The 6th Harsh Weather Summit 2012: The Next Arctic Frontiers – Yamal-Chukchi-Beaufort- Greenland-Barents-Caspian” at Crowne Plaza-Promenade in Hague, Netherlands, May 22-23. Session 5 on What Will the Future Bring? CHNL’s Presentation“Arctic Shipping: What Will Influence the Short to Medium Term Scenarios?

9. International Forum “Atomexpo” in Moscow, Russia, June 4-6. CHNL’s presentation on NSR IO activities at the “Round Table: Northern Sea Route - New Opportunities”.

10. Presentation at the Finnmark County Government, Vadsø, Norway, September 10, 2012. CHNL’s Presentation“Knowledge Transfer and Cooperation on Shipping & Logistics in the Arctic: CHNL’s ARCTIS and ARCLIO Projects”.

11. Presentation at the Norwegian Ministry of Industry & Trade, Oslo, Norway, September 14, 2012. CHNL’s Presentation: “Knowledge Transfer and Cooperation on Shipping & Logistics in the Arctic: CHNL’s ARCTIS and ARCLIO Projects”.

12. CHNL’s Two-Hours Seminar: “Logistics and Voyage Planning on the NSR” at the Weathernews Inc. 16th TFMS (Total Fleet Management Service) Forum at the Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark, October 24, 2012. CHNL was invited to share information about the latest development on the NSR and present forthcoming changes in the Russian NSR legislation to a large group of commercial shipping companies (about 100 participants) which were customers of various services provided by Weathernews Inc.

13. Presentation at the Non-Commercial partnership of NSR usage, Moscow, Russia, October 26, 2012. CHNL’s presentation: “CHNL’s ARCTIS and NSR IO Projects”.

14. CHNL’s Half-Day Seminar: “Navigating on the Northern Sea Route: Strategies to Boost Commercial Success”, a pre-conference seminar on November 14 at the Arctic Marine Logistics & Infrastructure Forum – Utilizing Resource Potential in Polar Regions, Radisson Blue Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 15-16, 2012. The goal of the seminar was to learn and discuss how to boost commercial success in the Arctic, how to navigate the Northern Sea route, understand the Russian regulations and how to overcome operational challenges. Participants were briefed on Russian NSR transit rules and regulations; statistics on NSR transit voyages in 2011‐2012; step‐by‐step planning for a transit voyage on the NSR; current operational challenges on the NSR; tariffs on the NSR; marine insurance on the NSR; concrete and specific NSR voyage calculations; and scenarios of future NSR development.

15. “Arctic Transportation Infrastructure: Response Capacity and Sustainable Development” in Reykjavik, Iceland, December 3-6, 2012. CHNL’s Presentation: “CHNL’s ARCTIS and NSR IO Projects”.

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