Goals & Objectives

The Centre for High North Logistics is currently working on establishing an online database - a knowledge hub that will provide the best available information on non-living resources, shipping and logistics in the Arctic. The name given to this knowledge hub is ARCTIS, which stands for Arctic Resources & Transport Information System. ARCTIS is meant to bridge the “communication” gap between the maritime and logistics industry, the research community, and public authorities.


Figure: The signing of the contract agreement with CognIT for the design of the ARCTIS database on the 31st of March 2011 in Lysaker, Oslo. From left: Dr. Bjørn Gunnarsson, newly appointed Managing Director of CHNL, Mr. Harald Falsen, Managing Director of CognIT, Mrs. Kristin Omholt-Jensen former Managing Director of CHNL, and Mr. Felix Tschudi, Owner of the Tschudi Shipping Company.

The content of ARCTIS and the presentation of information provided will be tailor-made for the needs of the maritime-logistics and resource exploitation industries in particular. ARCTIS will strive to provide up-to-date and high quality information on the Arctic and play a key role in informing our users about recent developments, operational conditions, technical improvements, and opportunities related to shipping and logistics in Arctic waters. In other words, ARCTIS will strive to be the preferred gateway to know-how for businesses, governments and the research community itself on Arctic shipping and logistics.

ARCTIS will pursue a dissemination role for the international research community by making research results and results of demonstrations/case studies known to key stakeholders in as user-friendly and transparent way as possible. The aim is to make scientific reports searchable and more understandable for the shipping and logistics industry so latest research results can be included in their decision-making process and business development.

This might contribute to more economically viable, doable, and environmentally friendly transport and logistics solutions for the Arctic.

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