The seminar addressed the need for understanding the requirements for putting voyages into practice. After the busiest and longest season for voyages on the Northern Sea Route, the potential for the route is becoming increasingly likely to be a part of shipping companies’ strategy in the North. What are the requirements for planning such a voyage? How do the Russian regulations impact on planning?

Presentations were provided by representatives of CHNL and commercial shipping, logistics and insurance companies with valuable experience in shipping on the NSR.

The seminar was attended by 30+ experts in the maritime shipping and natural resource industries. Seminar Leader was Dr. Bjørn Gunnarsson, Managing Director of the Centre for High North Logistics (CHNL).

Seminar Program:
1.    Introduction
9:30-9:35 (5 min); Speaker: Bjorn Gunnarsson (CHNL)

2.    Russian NSR Transit Rules and Regulations
9:35-10:00 (25 min); Speaker: Sergey Balmasov (CHNL)

3.    NSR Transit Voyages in 2011 and Anticipated Usage in 2012
10:00-10:15 (15 min); Speaker: Bjorn Gunnarsson (CHNL)

4.    Step-by-Step Planning for a Transit Voyage on the NSR
10:15-10:45 (30 min); Speaker: Sergey Balmasov (CHNL)

5.    Current Operational Challenges on the NSR
10:45-11:00 (15 min); Speaker: Sergey Balmasov (CHNL)

Coffee Break (11:00-11:10; 10 min)

6.    Tariffs on the NSR
11:10-11:20 (10 min); Speaker: Bjorn Gunnarsson (CHNL)

7.    Marine Insurance on the NSR
11:20-11:35 (15 min); Speaker: Bernt Hellman (SKULD)

8.    Concrete and Specific NSR Voyage Calculations
11:35-12:05 (30 min); Speaker: Henrik Falck (TSCHUDI SHIPPING COMPANY)

Coffee Break (12:05-12:15; 10 min)

9.    What Will Influence the Short to Medium Term Scenario on the NSR?
12:15-12.40 (25 min); Speaker: Bjorn Gunnarsson (CHNL)

10.    Panel Discussion (Q&A)
12:40-13:00 (20 min); Moderator: Bjorn Gunnarsson (CHNL)


CHNL has so far held one workshop which took place on April 29th 2010 in Kirkenes. The title of the workshop was “Opening the Northern Sea Route for oil, gas and dry bulk transportation between Europe and Asia – shipment of iron ore from Kirkenes to China”.

The main purpose of the workshop was to bring relevant Russian and Norwegian companies together to discuss what changes needed to take place before commercial shipping would look upon the Northern Sea Route as a predictable and reliable trade route and alternative to the common Suez Route. Secondly, workshop participants - which included representatives from the whole logistics/transport value chain - were asked to first identify and then find solutions to critical problems (including tariffs and insurance) to make transport of oil, gas and ore from northern Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula to the Far East feasible along the NSR.

The ambition of all involved was to make it possible to ship for the first time iron ore from Kirkenes to China along NSR. This planned transit took place in September that same year.

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