Arctic Transshipment Hubs

Main research question:

What makes a port an important Arctic transshipment hub; and what is the socio-economic significance of Eurasian Arctic transshipment hubs for future development of shipping in the Arctic and in promoting regional and industrial development?

Transshipment hubs in the northern latitudes could add a new dimension to global trade and be a catalyst for increased regional and industrial development in the High North. Increased transshipment simplifies the transport network allowing it to deal with increased volume resulting in reduced shipping costs. Such hubs could provide cargo storage facilities and various port and industrial services for shipping in the Eurasian Arctic. The research will analyze which market conditions and infrastructure and logistics system is required to develop efficient transshipment hubs in the Arctic. The research will analyze the significance of strategic location and connectivity, natural conditions, storage and port services, overall design criteria and infrastructure components of an innovative Arctic transshipment hub, including both onshore and offshore infrastructure components.

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