Container and Multi-Purpose Vessel Shipping in the Arctic

Main research question:

What will make year-round container and general cargo shipping both technically and economically viable via the NSR between markets in NE Asia and NW Europe; and what type of transport and logistics system needs to be built for that to be possible?

High ice-class Arctic shuttles would sail between two Arctic transshipment hubs on a year-round basis with or without icebreaker assistance. Non-ice-strengthened feeder vessels would then deliver cargo both to and from the hubs to final destinations. This will fully utilize specialized high-ice class Arctic vessels in the most economically efficient way, as these Arctic shuttles are only used on Arctic voyages. Part of the research will also evaluate the possibilities of multi-purpose vessels transporting general cargo and containers to and from the Far East to Sabetta and Arkhangelsk/Murmansk/Kirkenes; and export of metal/ore resources from Northern Norway and Siberia to the Far East. These transport routes will also consider inter-modal connections to river vessels and railways.

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