2019 Arctic Circle Assembly Breakout Session

Northern sea routes as an economic opportunity for indigenous reindeer herding societies for sustainable development.

Organized by Uarctic EÀLAT institute and Centre for High North Logistics( CHNL)

Moderator: Kjell Stokvik , Managing Director, CHNL, Phone +4791629170

October 10 10:15-11:45 at Hafnarkot room (groundfloor Harpa)

The main goal of this session is to investigate to which extent and how the Northern sea routes can provide economic opportunities for indigenous reindeer herding societies, through increased market access and local value added. This would be an innovative knowledge contribution on how local indigenous societies can get into position to also exploit the opportunities arising from a rapidly changing Arctic, developing policy recommendations to stimulate such development to Arctic Council under the SDWG EALLU project, as well as for the AEC.

Furthermore the session focus on:

Investigation on existing technologies for container-based slaugther, cutting, processing, packaging and cooling/ freezing of meat, and training options, and identifying bridging technologies for offshore/onshore application.
Investigate the practical issues related to reindeer herding, ie. how to bring herds to the shore at the correct time, herd cycle alignment, managerial implications, and basic infrastructure needs onshore, as well as assessing production potential.
Investigation of possible regulation constraints of the Russian Sea-route Management Authority, and proper coping strategies to deal with this, including strategies for Russian investments etc. The vision is to diversify local economies by solving a problem of bringing untapped resources to new markets, in a way that benefits the primary producing indigenous societies. It will be an innovative new approach for how indigenous and local societies can adapt to Arctic change by exploiting new economic opportunities arising from the reduction of polar sea ice and consolidation of northern sea routes to markets in Asia, America and Europe.

Opening by:

Sergey Kharyuchi, Council President of the Association of World Reindeer Herders 5-7 min

Speakers (max 8-10 min ):

Felix Tschudi ,Chair CHNL and Chair Tschudi Shipping Company : Northern sea routes as an economic opportunity for indigenous reindeer herding societies for sustainable development in the Arctic.
Anders Oskal, Executive Director ICR/WRH, Reindeer Herders and food innovation leadership.
Mikhail Pogodaev ,Dep. Minister Arctic Development and Indigenous Peoples Affairs of the Republic of Sakha ,Russia, Northern Sea Route – a Perspective from Republic of Sakha Yakutia.
Erlend Bullvåg ,Dean Business School Nord University , Importance of Innovation in the development of the Arctic
Ravdna B E Sara ,Phd student Uarctic EÀLAT institute. Reindeer meat quality
Panel discussion ( 30 ) : With all speakers and Ambassador Bård Ivar Svendsen Senior Arctic Official of Norway

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