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CHNL initiates and sponsors workshops on shipping in Arctic waters, supportive port developments and other needed infrastructure in the Arctic. The following events have been organized (and sponsored) by CHNL:

November 2013 - Anchorage (United States)
CHNL organized a two-day conference “Alaska and the New Maritime Arctic” in Anchorage, Alaska, in cooperation with the Institute of the North. The conference was hosted by the Embassy of Norway to the United States and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The main goal with the conference was to facilitate a platform for discussing the commercial potential and some of the risks involved in the Northern Sea Route and promote increased cooperation and dialogue between Alaska and Norway in the future.

November 2012 – Amsterdam (Netherlands)
CHNL organized a half-day pre-conference seminar on “Navigating on the Northern Sea Route: Strategies to Boost Commercial Success” at the Arctic Marine Logistics & Infrastructure Forum – Utilizing Resource Potential in Polar Regions, in Amsterdam, NetherlandsThe goal of the seminar was to learn and discuss how to boost commercial success in the Arctic, how to navigate the Northern Sea Route, understand the Russian regulations and how to overcome operational challenges.

October 2012 – Copenhagen (Denmark)
CHNL organized a 2-hour seminar at the Weathernews Inc. 16th TFMS (Total Fleet Management Service) Forum in Denmark on “Logistics and Voyage Planning on the NSR”. CHNL was invited to share information about the latest development on the NSR and present forthcoming changes in the Russian NSR legislation to a large group of commercial shipping companies (about 100 participants) which were customers of various services provided by Weathernews Inc.

April 2012 – Helsinki (Finland)
CHNL organized a half-day seminar at the 8th Annual Arctic Shipping Forum in Helsinki, Finland on “Logistics and Voyage Planning on the Northern Sea Route - An Examination of the Practical Challenges for Users of the NSR as Shipping Route”. Representatives of CHNL and commercial shipping, logistics and insurance companies provided presentations on shipping on the NSR. The seminar was attended by 30+ experts in the maritime shipping and natural resource industries.

February 2012 – Murmansk (Russia)
CHNL organized together with Rosatomflot in Murmansk and the Norwegian–Russian company Arctic Bulk “The First International Conference on Transit Navigation on the Northern Sea Route (NSR)” in Murmansk, Russia, attended by more than 100 participants from 13 countries, including Asian countries to discuss and exchange information about sailing through the NSR (a follow up to the workshop in Kirkenes in April 2010).

May 2010 – St Petersburg (Russia)
CHNL organized a section in logistics at the International Conference “Synergies of Innovations in developing Oil & Gas Industry”. The main objective of the conference was to discuss contemporary and future challenges for O&G industry in the light of current developments, and what kind of innovative approaches could be adopted to deal with these challenges. Logistics in the High North is one of the main challenges. The Conference was hosted by Baltic State Technical University, and at the conferences there were about 100 participants from universities, research institutions, companies and government agencies especially from Norway and Russia.

April 2010 – Kirkenes (Norway)
CHNL organized a Russian-Norwegian workshop in Kirkenes on the theme: “Opening the Northern Sea Route for Regular Oil, Gas and Dry Bulk Transportation”.  All together 27 participants from the industry, universities and authorities in Russia and Norway were present (i.e., ship owners, traders, insurance experts, cargo owners, icebreaker services, port authorities and more). Based on the positive outcome of the workshop CHNL started to identify the companies that could make the first international transit sailing possible on the NSR in September that same year. This took place when the Danish company Nordic Bulk Carriers sailed through the NSR with their ice-class 1A carrier mv Nordic Barents with iron ore from the Sydvaranger Mine in Kirkenes to China.


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