Emerging Logistics Concepts

Main research question:

How can new emerging logistics concepts such as blockchain and crowd shipping be used in the Arctic to optimize a future Arctic transportation and logistics system?

With special focus on logistics systems in the High North and the implications for its current and future development, this thematic area focuses on new concepts in logistics, combined with new strategies to organize freight flows in ports and airports and assess how new innovative technologies will impact freight transport, greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental footprint. Research within this theme will focus on how digitization of the whole supply chain and logistics concepts such as the Physical Internet and new disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, Shipping 4.0 and Industry 4.0, vehicle automation and truck platooning can be utilized to optimize transport and logistics operations. Also assess how new business models, like ‘Crowd Shipping’ and the ‘Circular Economy’ models will have an impact on regional and global freight transport, its optimization and its environmental footprint.

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