Mr. Sergey Balmasov


Head of CHNL Information Office.

Previous Position(s):

Senior Consultant within the Sector for Ports and Logistics at JSC Ramboll Barents (2009-2011)


Engineer navigator, Murmansk State Technical University, Russia.

Research Interests:

Sergey worked as ship navigator for 5 years and then became a director of ship agency company in Murmansk, Russia with responsibility for arrangement of vessel operations in ports including immigration and customs issues, cargo operations and coordination with various port authorities. Sergey has participated in many international projects in transport, logistics and port infrastructure development. At CHNL Sergey provides businesses, research institutions and international organizations with various information related to navigation on the Northern Sea Route. Sergey works on collecting, analyzing and making visual statistics information on shipping traffic in the Arctic.



(+7) 91 13 10 90 69


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