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Expedition or tourist boat in front of the large and massive Borebreen glacier. Arctic environment in Oscar II Land at Spitsbergen, Svalbard.
Expedition or tourist boat in front of the large and massive Borebreen glacier. Arctic environment in Oscar II Land at Spitsbergen, Svalbard.

CHNL has taken part in a number of networking activities and knowledge sharing events – promoted cooperation and networking activities on Arctic shipping and logistics with partners coming from businesses, academia and public authorities. In particular CHNL put emphasis on bringing relevant Russian, Norwegian, and international companies and organizations together to discuss what changes needs to take place to increase safety, reliability and minimize environmental impacts of shipping along the NSR.

CHNL has initiated and sponsored conferences and workshops on shipping in Arctic waters, including ship traffic analysis on the NSR, operational challenges, SAR and OSR facilities, port developments and other maritime infrastructure needs. CHNL’s organized international events have taken place in Kirkenes, Oslo, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Anchorage, and Busan.

CHNL’s researchers have delivered several presentations at conference and workshop in Norway and abroad which have been organized by other institutions and increasingly been given a central role in many of these events including keynote addresses.

CHNL has informed large number of Norwegian and foreign delegations visiting Oslo, Bodo, Kirkenes and CHNL IO office in Murmansk about CHNL’s role and objectives, as well as shipping and logistics on NSR. This included government officials and members of foreign embassies from Russia, Finland, Iceland, France, India, Japan, South-Korea, China, Canada, and the United States. CHNL has participated at High North coordinating meetings at ministerial level and also provided several presentations at Norwegian ministries and local authorities.

Another important activity for CHNL has been to share information on Arctic shipping activity with the mass media. Interviews have been given to several key news services such as The Wall Street Journal; Reuters; Financial Times London; Le Monde, Forbes Russia, MOL Tokyo, National Geographic Digital Media Washington, and many others.

CHNL has built up an impressive international network of close partners with leading expertise in Arctic marine transportation and logistics. This network has given CHNL a good foundation to fill the ambition to be a key mediator of knowledge of logistics in the Arctic. CHNL has established cooperation with all the leading organizations in Russia with expertise in shipping, logistics and infrastructure development on the NSR. CHNL has also established close cooperation with institutions in Asia (China, South Korea and Japan) and North America (US Alaska and Canada).

Presentations or individual lectures have also been given at several Norwegian and foreign universities and research institutions. CHNL IO in Murmansk, Russia, has handled large number of information requests from commercial shipping and logistics companies since June of 2011.

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