The first LNG to the east after the winter break

The first shipment of LNG has been sent from Yamal to the east this month. The LNG carrier Nikolay Evgenov has left the Sabetta port on June 16 at 8 p.m. Nuclear icebreaker Sibir has escorted the ship on the way from the Ob Bay to the Vilkitskiy Strait. When the strait was passed, Nikolay Evgenov continued the voyage on its own. Now the vessel is moving in the Laptev Sea at the speed of 12 knots. The port of arrival is unknown.

The LNG carrier Nikolay Evgenov has ice class Arc 7. It should be noted, that several LNG carriers, that do not work under the Yamal LNG project year round, have requested the permissions for the entering the NSR waters this year, they all have permitted navigation route as western/eastern boundary of the NSR – port of Sabetta – eastern/western boundary of the NSR (source:

Vessel nameIce classFlag
Clean VisionArc 4Malta
Yamal SpiritNo ice classBahamas
LNG PhecdaNo ice classHong Kong
LNG MerakNo ice classHong Kong
LNG MegrezNo ice classHong Kong
LNG DubheNo ice classHong Kong
Clean HorizonArc 4Malta
Clean OceanArc 4Marshall Islands
Clean PlanetArc 4Marshall Islands
Yenisei RiverArc 4Marshall Islands
Lena RiverArc 4Marshall Islands
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